Outreach Committee

Outreach is a fantastic way to get involved with AIChE at UH, interact with other student organizations at the University, make an impression upon students who may be interested in joining UH AIChE, and connect with professionals in industry.

As a part of AIChE, you will be attending events such as Cats’ Back where you have the opportunity to convince chemical engineering students looking to get involved with a student organizations that AIChE is the right organization for them. You could be visiting high schools, middle schools or elementary schools, encouraging them to pursue a career related to chemical engineering. You could also be doing outreach with organizations such as the Houston Food Bank or interacting with industry professionals at a plant tour. Regardless of what you do as a member of AIChE’s Outreach Committee, you’ll be making an impact on the community/value for giving back to the community/service as a chemical engineering student.

Social Committee

UH AIChE would not operate the way it does without the people behind the scenes setting up for general meetings and company information sessions or planning the social events that promote bonding between chemical engineering students or potential chemical engineering students at the University of Houston.

Members of the Social Committee plan and execute the details that are essential to our meetings and socials. It is at these events that fellow chemical engineering students at the University of Houston bond with each other and become more interested in UH AIChE as a student organization.

Recreational Committee

Interested in recreational sports? Looking to represent UH AIChE? Join UH AIChE’s Recreational Committee! You’ll have the opportunity to play against other intramural teams and playing alongside your chapter members in sports such as basketball and dodgeball. The only thing required to join is a willingness to represent UH AIChE and play!