Chem-E-Car Training

Safety Training

Safety is our most important priority in UH Chem-E-Car. Without being trained on what is safe and not safe in Chem-E-Car, not only do we allow UH Chem-E-Car to not be allowed to compete, our members feel unsafe. Completing safety training helps everyone feel safe and have fun in UH Chem-E-Car.

Online safety training is a requirement for joining UH Chem-E-Car and competing in the regional and national competitions. Completion of UH online training is required to work in the undergraduate laboratory. Complete of the Chem-E-Car Competition Safety Training Test is required to compete in the competition.

Complete the Chem-E-Car Competition Safety Training Test here
This must be completed before the Regional Chem-E-Car Competition. All new and returning members MUST complete this training annually.

Complete the University of Houston Laboratory Safety Training here
This must be completed by all NEW UH Chem-E-Car members. Returning members who have already completed training from a previous year and worked in the laboratory are not required to retake the training course.