UH Chem-E-Car

The UH Chem-E-Car Team is the pride and joy of the UH Chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. We offer real life application of our chemical engineering education in a fun environment. Our team practices the safest of lab etiquette and conducts broad research in efforts to utilize optimum chemical reactions to propel and stop our Chem-E-Cars. For many chemical engineering students at the University of Houston, we are the first experience applying concepts learned in lecture. This chemical optimization focuses mostly on: safety of the reactions, the capacity of the reactions to be able to move or stop the car, and the replication of the reaction with regards to difficulty and cost. The engineering students that get involved and participate in Chem-E-Car generally go in knowing next to nothing about motors, electronics, application of chemistry, and how or why certain safety precautions are taken. A foundational knowledge of these concepts is instilled in all team members, and they will apply it every day. The only requirements of a Chem-E-Car member are: • The capacity to innovate • Good work ethic • A sense of humor • Respect for safety • Chemical Engineering major • Member of UH AIChE Don’t worry, we teach you how to work with people. If you are a member of UH AIChE and would like to be a part of UH Chem-E-Car, please reach out to us via email at uhchemecar@gmail.com or come to the general meetings to talk to our Captain and other Chem-E-Car members.

Safety Training

Complete the Chem-E-Car Competition Safety Training Test here.
This must be completed before the Regional Chem-E-Car Competition. All new and returning members MUST complete this training annually.

Complete the University of Houston Laboratory Safety Training here.
This must be completed by all NEW UH Chem-E-Car members. Returning members who have already completed training from a previous year and worked in the laboratory are not required to retake the training course.

Safety is our most important priority in UH Chem-E-Car. Without being trained on what is safe and not safe in Chem-E-Car, not only do we allow UH Chem-E-Car to not be allowed to compete, our members feel unsafe. Completing safety training helps everyone feel safe and have fun in UH Chem-E-Car. Online safety training is a requirement for joining UH Chem-E-Car and competing in the regional and national competitions. Completion of UH online training is required to work in the undergraduate laboratory. Complete of the Chem-E-Car Competition Safety Training Test is required to compete in the competition.