Info Sessions

Information Sessions are one of the most important type of events that UH AIChE hosts for its members. During the first or first two months of the semester, our chapter facilitates information sessions with many companies who are hiring for internships, co-ops, and entry-level positions that are relevant to engineering and chemical engineering. These are opportunities that both students and sponsors should take advantage of because students engage in professional development, and companies can see the faces of students whom they may see as potential hires or candidates. Even companies who are not sponsors may be invited to talk at information sessions and meet our student members.

Aside from corporate information sessions, we have hosted information sessions from professors at the University of Houston who talk about graduate school and the research they are involved in. Moreover, we have hosted corporate information sessions that were based on case studies, rather than info sessions for hiring. Through these types of info sessions, student members who attend these case studies go beyond learning about the company and learn more about the process industries. Additionally, we have facilitated information sessions from young professionals who talk to members about being employed in their respective industries.

At our info sessions, we provide food that is free of charge for members.

If you would like to host an information session at UH AIChE or have any questions regarding information sessions, please reach out to us via email at

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